Lawns and Planting, Wellington, Somerset

This striking before and after illustrates the huge impact to your garden of having a new lawn professionally laid.

Unless lawn are meticulously managed and maintained they will eventually look old and tired.  The soil becomes compacted and depleted of nutrients and the weeds and pest conspire to ruin the look of your grass.

With this garden we also removed the old mis-shapen shrubs and trees, a scruffy old patio, various planters and features that had evolved over the years.  The new owners of this property in Wellington just wanted a new, neat lawn with minimal planting. 

The look was finished off with a low yew hedge at the front and copper beach at the rear.  When this establishes it will look lovley.

As well as re-laying new lawns, we also get asked to remove lawns and replace them with something low-maintenance.

In this example the front lawn was extensive and was a real chore to maintain.  We replaced it for a nice buff coloured gravel with some subtle planting to break up the expanse.

Please don't ask us to lay artificial lawns as we hate them.  We would rather use natural materials and intelligent design to reduce your workload, than spoil your garden with plastic, which in a few years time will end up in landfill.

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